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The OD Beach Club will entice your soul with the rhythm of original Beach Music. Enjoy your favorite cocktails and dance the night away to the sounds of the Drifters, The Spontanes and The Chairmen of the Board. There's no better place to "Shag" than the Ocean Drive Beach & Golf Resort, also home to the Shaggers Hall of Fame.

Originally, The Carolina Shag that we know today came from the Charleston dance and Collegiate Shag. The name, Carolina Shag originated in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in the 1930's. The original Carolina Shag is said to have originated in North Myrtle Beach's Atlantic Beach area, but many agree on the modern form of the dance being danced in the North Myrtle Beach area known as OD or Ocean Drive in the mid 1940's. Dancing on the beautiful white sand beach helped change this dance as well, where it gets it's nickname of "Beach Dancing" to "Beach Music."


Today, the "Shag" is known as an East Coast Swing Dance with some West Coast Swing influence. The "Shag is comprised of fancy footwork by the leading partner, with the following partner matching the leader's footwork occasionally. Originally, it was the lady who calle dout what footwork she wanted to follow. There are only a few patterns performed in Carolina shag but a large amount of footwork is required.

Carolina Shag became known as "Beach Swing" and was done to "Beach Music," influenced by Motown, Blues and Oldies music as it is presently known. The Shag is performed mostly in states such as Florida, the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia. It has a smooth feel and became the official state dance of South Carolina in 1984.

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